La Petite Bande - The Mozart Book
The Mozart Book

Dear friends, dear fans of La Petite Bande,

This is a message from Marleen Thiers, the wife of Sigiswald Kuijken: La Petite Bande is alive ... Sigiswald Kuijken is alive! His inner force is growing with the years!

His experience, knowledge, understanding, spirit and love inspired him to write a new book:


Sigiswald and Mozart became a unity in this book.

Mozarts Magic Flute is being revealed here in its essence by Sigiswald, in a loving and simple way - without over-intellectual reflexions, nor trendy ‘new interpretations’.

Sigiswald exposes in this book the whole story as it came forth from the intense collaboration between Mozart and Emmanuel Schikaneder, his genial librettist.

He also describes the theatrical settings which the authors thought out for their piece.

The finesses of both the music and the text are fully brought to the surface, including the essence of every single character.

Reading this book will give you the sensation of seeing what Mozart and Schikaneder saw in their imagination, and of seeing what they wanted to show to their public (and by extension: also to us, inhabitants of the 21st century).

Sigiswald Kuijken’s intention with this book is to generate a treasure, in order to enable La Petite Bande to continue its adventure in its own way and style - yes, indeed, without any official help but with the support of its world-wide group of admirers and fans.

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