La Petite Bande - Summer academy
Summer academy

The La Petite Bande Summer Academy takes place in Collevecchio (Italy) from July 17th to August 1st 2021.

As we mentioned elsewhere on this site, we had to cancel the LPB Summer Academy 2020 because of the international Corona-situation , as you all can imagine ...

Nevertheless, in order to give an impression about how we always conceived our Academies, we maintain hereunder the info about our (canceled) 2020 session, and show you some pictures of still earlier editions ...

As soon as possible, we will give you more details about the program of our Academy 2021. For sure, we will continue to explore the main themes of our earliers sessions : creative historical staging of late 18th century italian opera (Mozart - Haydn ) under Marie Kuijken's direction - and (more in general) the 18th century instrumental music on period instruments with appropriate techniques and style, with coaching by Sigiswald Kuijken.

Corona-times will pass away, like all times do. It looks now as if each of us is powerless... Who knows how things will continue - but let us all step back a little, in order to think and to feel within ourselves: think positively about the future, be vigilant and patient in stead of remaining above all victims of what is being told and not told ...Our inner life is in our hands, whatever happens ...

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